Ubuntu missing: libgmp3 и аддон для гарис мод 13 на blodd physgun

Ubuntu missing: libgmp3

Programming STM32 F2, F4 ARMs under Linux: A Tutorial from Scratch. You've got a (64 bit) Linux box running Debian (or similar e.g. Ubuntu) and want to get started. May 11, 2016 sudo apt-get install build-essential sudo apt-get --fix-missing -y install unixodbc -dev libgmp3-dev libwxgtk2.8-dev libglu1-mesa-dev fop. Sep 28, 2011 Tags: ghc, haskell, kubuntu, libgmp, lucid, ubuntu You could have installed libgmp3-dev package instead. Comments are currently closed. Sep 10, 2016 This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is E: Unable to locate package libgmp3-dev E: Unable to locate package.

1.8 Will I be amazed by OpenCOBOL? ¶ This author believes so. For an open source implementation of COBOL, OpenCOBOL may surprise you in the depth and breadth Installing Clam Antivirus and SpamAssassin. Now that the dependencies are installed, Clam Antivirus and SpamAssassin can be installed using apt-get. I am wondering what sudo apt-get update does? What does it update. Oct 28, 2012 . up vote 20 down vote. You can install gmp using the following command. sudo apt-get install libgmp3-dev. Also, check Status. This is a 2.1 work in progress release of the GnuCOBOL FAQ. Sourced at gcfaq.rst. Courtesty of ReStructuredText, Sphinx, Pandoc, and Pygments. Lib64gmp10 · lib64gmp3 · lib32gmp10 · lib32gmp3 · libgmp-dev · libgmp10-doc · libgmp3-dev · libgmpxx4ldbl · gmp-doc · lib32gmp-dev · lib32gmpxx4. Apr 4, 2012 installed Depends: libncursesw5-dev but it is not going to be installed libmpfr- dev : Depends: libgmp3-dev (>= 4.2.dfsg-1) but it is not going. This article is about how to make the Windows installer; if you'd like just to use the installer, see Octave for Microsoft Windows. GNU Octave is primarily developed. But I can't libgmp3 on Ubuntu repo. On googling I found following thread; Xen Debian Etch libgmp3.MISSING libxml2.MISSING.

Got to ubuntu.com/ and download the libgmp3c2 On my 32bit laptop could resolve them by installing the libgmp3-dev. Oct 15, 2009 For the installation of Zimbra 5.0.x on Ubuntu 9.04, check this article. MISSING: libgmp3 FOUND: libstdc++6-4.3.3-5ubuntu4 Checking for. You need to install libgmp3-dev. depends on your linux yum install libgmp3-dev xxxx@ubuntu$ make (cd num; make all) make 1 : Entering directory `/home/ xxxx/num' make 1 : Nothing to be done for `all'. make 1 : Leaving.

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